Alex Boya

O.V. - Without dialogue

A pilot crash-lands into his home. His face has been replaced by a turbine and he’s fallen in love with a ceiling fan. To save their marriage, his wife must take drastic action.

CANADA | 9 minutes | 2018

Mia Gutierrez Maxwell

O.V. English

An elderly blind man finds himself stuck in a timeless landscape of grief after losing his beloved.

UNITED KINGDOM | 11 minutes | 2017

Strange Planet Theory
Marco Antônio Pereira

O.V. Portuguese | st English

A couple would have married, but an incident brings another meaning to their lives. A visual metaphor about love, death and the sense of the day.

BRAZIL | 14 minutes | 2018

Manel Raga Raga

O.V. Bosnian | st English

A ball is spinning around, stuck in the river that goes through the Grbavica neighborhood, in Sarajevo.

PORTUGAL, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 20 minutes | 2018

Miki Polonski

O.V. Hebrew | st English

Leah works in the hotel, while her daughter sings in the lobby. They live trapped in their relationship and both realize their separation is inevitable.

ISRAEL | 26 minutes | 2017


Monday October 8, 2018

Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand-Seguin
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