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LEBANON , France | 123 minutes | 2018

More than 10 years after Caramel, Nadine Labaki adopts a gritty, documentary-style approach to chronicling the loveless existence of slum child Zain, age 12 and bent on suing his parent for giving him life. Much of her saga’s power comes from the stellar performances of its young non-professional cast, headed by an astonishing Zain Al Rafeea. Labaki’s nervous camerawork captures both the chaos and poignancy of the streets of Beirut, where Zain seeks refuge after fleeing his toxic, oppressive home environment. A sweeping, hard-hitting drama of unforced pathos.

The film will be screened in its original version with french subtitles on October 8th and with english subtitles on October 10th

The screening on October 10th at 4:30pm is a private screening.

Presented by the Lebanese Film Festival in Canada

Jury Prize - Cannes Film Festival


Monday October 8, 2018

Program #119
Cinéma Impérial

Wednesday October 10, 2018

Program #179 B
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 16

Wednesday October 10, 2018

Program #164
Cinéma du Parc 1

Nadine Labaki

No biography

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Nadine Labaki, Jihad Hojeily, Michelle Kesrouani, Khaled Mouzanar
  • Cast Zain Alrafeea, Nadine Labaki, Yordanos Shifera


  • Métropole

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