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FRANCE , Netherlands , Singapore | 95 minutes | 2018

Sleepless nights are the grim reality in this second outing by the Singaporean filmmaker. It all starts with an expat Chinese worker, incapable of sleep, who spends his nights in a strange cybercafé. When he disappears, an equally insomniac police officer takes charge of the case. Night after restless night, the investigation stagnates. This languid film takes the form of a waking dream lit by flickering neon, in the manner of Nicolas Winding Refn’s best films (Drive, Only God Forgives). A Land Imagined is an unexpected thriller about the heavy burden of solitude.

Pardo d'oro - Locarno Film Festival


Thursday October 4, 2018

Program #16
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 17

Sunday October 7, 2018

Program #80
Cinéma du Parc 2

Saturday October 13, 2018

Program #264
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 17

Yeo Siew Hua

No biography

IN THE HOUSE OF STRAW (2009) 103 min - Writer/Director
Bangkok International Film Festival 2009
Singapore International Film Festival 2009
Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2010

WHITE DAYS (2009) 90 min - Writer
Singapore International Film Festival 2009
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009
Bueno Aires International Festival of Independent Films 2010

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Yeo Siew Hua
  • Cast Luna KWOK, Peter YU


  • Visit Films

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