A day entirely dedicated to virtual reality. We invite producers, distributors and presenters to summarise current practices in this industry. Through three themes of development, production and distribution we will think about ideas to influence the current functioning of the RV industry and create a future sustainable VR ecosystem. The idea is to identify the challenges for the current ecosystem and to propose solutions.

We bring together the creators / directors / producers to talk about the concept of "immersive storytelling" in their artistic practices through keynotes.

9am. - 13h

Individual 15-minute meetings (speed meeting) between VR industry professionals. The maximum number of people admitted to the appointments is two per pitch.
To have a list of professionals present and make your appointments, we invite you to contact
[email protected]

13h - 14h

14h - 17h

Over a full day, through 3 panels, the pioneers of virtual reality creation, production, financing and distribution will gather together to evaluate and strategise for the future of the industry. VR.

- Development Panel

1. Navid Khonsari (INK Stories) / US

2. Eli Raynai (Cinehackers) / CA


4. Max Sacker (Another World VR) / Germany

- Panel on production

1. Peter Fisher, Producer, Khora Contemporary
2. Corine Meijers, Producer, SubmarineChannel
3. Emily Paige, Co-owner and Creative Producer, e.d.Films

- Distribution Panel

1. Hugues Sweeney, Producer, (NFB) / CA
2. Camille Lopato, founder, (Diversion cinema) / FR
3. Loren Hammonds, Programmer film and Immersive Content (Tribeca Film Festival) / US
4. Tal Michael Haring, VR curator, producer (Haifa International Film Festival | / Israel

Moderated by Audrey Pacart


Friday October 12, 2018

Agora Hydro-Québec du Coeur des sciences de l'UQAM

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