I Am Always Connected
Phillip Barker

I Am Always Connected is about the inseparable connections between the mind and the body, light and dark, and the camera and its subject. The film was shot in three takes on Super 8 film by a crew of 5 people on a small country road near Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.

CANADA | 5 minutes | 1984

A Temporary Arrangement
Phillip Barker

O.V. - Without dialogue

A Temporary Arrangement began as a simple experiment: to study the human form suspended in water, floating down a river. We made a 12 foot camera tower lashed to two canoes.

CANADA | 12 minutes | 1984

Soul Cages
Phillip Barker

O.V. English

The notion that a camera can capture a subject’s soul is explored through this story about a photographer and a film processor.

This non-dialogue film is based on the myth The Soul Cages that tells of a mortal man who risks his life by swimming underwater to free the souls of drowned sailors. Captured by a spirit, the souls are held in clay pots at the bottom of the ocean.

CANADA | 22 minutes | 2000

Phillip Barker

O.V. English

Regarding is a film inspired by scene # 50 from The Red Violin (François Girard). In this free adaptation, the violin has been changed into a camera, an object that ignites a young woman's passion for fame. The dialogue and music from the film was re-mixed with kind permission from Rhombus Media.

CANADA | 5 minutes | 2002

Phillip Barker

O.V. English

A young woman, sicker than those who dare eat the food at the all-night diner she's perched in, catches an eerie reflection of herself as a child, inspiring a topsy-turvy cataclysm, hermetically sealed within a huge wheel rolling through a movie studio, in Phillip Barker's astounding mind-fuck that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the greatest manifestations of worlds in collision are etched upon the rivulets of an artist's cerebellum and subsequently fed through cinema's sausage tube of...

CANADA | 13 minutes | 2012

Phillip Barker

O.V. English

The crew of a salvage ship retrieve more than debris from the bottom of Lake Ontario. Suppressed memories of an old shipmate rise to consciousness and inflame the imagination of the captain's wife.

CANADA | 14 minutes | 2015

Shadow Nettes
Phillip Barker

O.V. English

A Shadow Nette is a type of traditional fishing harness worn by fishermen to project their silhouettes onto the water. They project gestures of virility, archetypical poses that show their strength and ability.

CANADA | 18 minutes | 2017


Saturday October 6, 2018

Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand-Seguin
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