Urashima Taro
Pauline Defachelles

O.V. - Without dialogue

Taro, a young fisherman, saves a little turtle from a crane's hungry beak. As a reward, he is invited to stay under the sea, in god Ryu-Jin's palace...

FRANCE | 14 minutes | 2017

The Bird & the Whale
Carol Freeman

O.V. - Without dialogue

The Bird and the Whale is a story about a young whale struggling to find his voice. After straying too far from his family, he discovers its sole survivor, a caged songbird.

IRELAND | 8 minutes | 2018

La Mort, Père & Fils
Denis Walgenwitz, Vincent Paronnaud

O.V. - Without dialogue

The Death' son doesn't want to take back the family business. He has the secret dream to become a guardian angel, this will trigger a succession of collapses. His dad will have to get him out of this mess.

FRANCE | 14 minutes | 2017

Armando Sepulveda Mendoza

O.V. - Without dialogue

Miguel must overcome the feeling of being an outcast on his first day of school in a new country.

UNITED STATES | 16 minutes | 2018

Mon papi s'est caché
Anne Huynh

O.V. French | st English

A grandfather explains to his grandson that he'll have to take care of his flower garden after he dies.

FRANCE | 8 minutes | 2018

A Modest Defeat
David Barr

O.V. English | st French

It's civil war in suburbia between two young siblings. Big brother Tommy never plays fair, but eight-year-old Tiny has an elaborate plan up her sleeve and a faultless determination to put things right.

UNITED KINGDOM | 10 minutes | 2018

The Wayward Kite
Yuting Hsueh

O.V. - Without dialogue

A little kite breaks its tether, running away in its own odyssey of self-discovery.

TAIWAN | 8 minutes | 2017

Le Rat Scélérat
Jeroen Jaspaert

O.V. English

Beware of the Highway Rat who, on his faithful steed, steals everything in his path!

UNITED KINGDOM | 26 minutes | 2018


Saturday October 6, 2018

Cinéma du Parc 2
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