Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous
Mélanie Charbonneau

O.V. French | st English

Daniel, an astronaut, is on a mission to scatter his mother's ashes and Claude, a woman-tampon, is hoping for her period to return.

QUéBEC/CANADA | 15 minutes | 2018

Une forteresse
Miryam Charles

O.V. French | st English

After the death of their adoptive daughter a couple goes to Haiti. There, they meet with a DNA specialist who has the power of resurrection.

QUéBEC/CANADA, Haiti | 6 minutes | 2018

Anna Maguire

O.V. English | st English

A young woman realises her sexual needs have grown beyond her relationship with her boyfriend, a chance encounter allows her to control her fantasies.

QUéBEC/CANADA, United Kingdom | 18 minutes | 2018

Aaron Ries

O.V. English | st French

Stefania lives with her grandfather after university in Toronto. As the summer progresses they're set off down a spiral of lonely fantasy.

CANADA | 12 minutes | 2018

Dialogue entre elle et moi
Simon Roberge

O.V. French | st English

Ginette Lafontaine is a 70-year-old painter whose works are created in response to a tormented career. Through art, she has found release.

QUéBEC/CANADA | 13 minutes | 2018

Mon Boy
Sarah Pellerin

O.V. French | st English

As he takes part in his brother's bachelor party, Louis is confronted by this ritual that both celebrates and denigrates commitment and masculinity.

QUéBEC/CANADA | 13 minutes | 2018


Friday October 12, 2018

Cinémathèque - Salle Principale
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