** LAST MINUTE FILM ** : WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN THE WORLD'S ON FIRE? by Roberto Minervini, Sunday 14th, 7:30 pm, Cineplex Quartier Latin, Program #283B

** LAST MINUTE FILM ** : SOLD OUT  ROMA by Alfonso Cuaron, Sunday 14th, 6pm, Cinema Imperial, #273B,

** LAST MINUTE FILM ** : THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT by Lars Von Trier,  Sunday 14th, 9 pm, Cinéma Impérial
For those who have a ticket from the 1st screening, please be there 30min earlier to exchange it for a regular ticket. A table will be especially set for that.

** LAST MINUTE FILM ** :HAPPY NEW YEAR, COLIN BURSTEAD, dimanche 14 octobre, 21 pm, Cinéma du Parc


Sold out

For now there are no more tickets available for this screening, but some more may be released later.
Take note that there are always a number of seats reserved for the FNC Passes, but we recommend to be there 30 min earlier.

#273B, ROMA, Sunday 14th, 6pm, Cinema Imperial



#273, BURNING, Sunday 14th, 3pm, Cinéma Impérial
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