They have seen a lot of films, they had to make choices and mournings to concoct an enviable program, see what the programming team has to say about the FNC 2018 films: today THÉOPHILE MEYNIEL, feature films programmer.

Théophile Meyniel has programmed feature films for the sections Compétition Internationale, Panorama and présentations spéciales.


In my section I recommend ...

THUNDER ROAD by Jim Cummings.
It's a tragic comedy that never ceases to surprise us in its rhythm and tone. Jim Cummings demonstrates tremendous acting, writing and directing talent. Heir to the burlesque, he handles the situation comic and uses his physicality with a lot of sensitivity and a touching fragility. Lively, funny, tender, the film is the discovery of a great talent of American independent cinema.


In the other sections I recommend ...

UN COUTEAU DANS LE COEUR by Yann Gonzalez (Temps 0 section).
Selected in Official Competition in Cannes, this is the second feature film by Yann Gonzalez. This sulphurously pop thriller plunges us into the gay porn industry of the 70s. Far from the codes of the genre, the film explores the representation of devouring passion, desire, loss. Audacious, whimsical, romantic, definitely queer, the film shot in 35mm is a message of love to the filmic medium. Sublime soundtrack by M83.


A film of this edition that was a nice surprise ...

STYX by Wolfgang Fischer.
A film of this edition that made me crack or was a nice surprise ...STYX by Wolfgang Fischer.Presented in the Panorama section of Berlin STYX was a real slap. The film is remarkable for its narrative effectiveness but also for the minimalism of its almost documentary device. Plunged into a closed-door open-air whose walls are the blue of the sky and the ocean, immensity gives rise here to an overwhelming claustrophobia. In this No Man's Land, Fischer stages a complex and immense tragedy exploring the concept of Humanity.


Other suggestions

An suprising film : GUY  by Alex Lutz

A boldness : WOMAN AT WAR by Benedikt Erlingsson

Une perle à découvrir : LOS SILENCIOS by Beatriz Seigner

A special film / event for special people : CASSANDRO THE EXOTICO by Marie Losier




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