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QUéBEC/CANADA | 100 minutes | 2018

Stanislas, 19, is left on his own when his mother is hospitalized. Terrorized by her illness, he wraps his face in bandages and infiltrates a therapy workshop for disfigured patients, whom he urges to rebel against society’s obsession with beauty by brandishing their “ugliness” as a weapon. Alexandre Franchi follows up on his remarkable The Wild Hunt (FNC 2009) with this work that’s equally idiosyncratic. Carried by a disquieting New Wave soundtrack, Happy Face is intriguing and provocative, turning established ideas on their head as it relentlessly hones its anarchic sense of the grotesque. WORLD PREMIERE

Q&A with the cast and crew on October 6th
Q&A with Debbie Lynch-White on October 8th


Saturday October 6, 2018

Program #42
Cinéma du Parc 1

Monday October 8, 2018

Program #135
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 10

Alexandre Franchi

No biography

CO-WRITER, CO-PRODUCER ‘Happy Face’, digital – 100 min (ENGLISH) 2018
& DIRECTOR Les Films de La Mancha, Line & Content

WRITER, CO-PRODUCER ‘Franchi is Back, 4-min web broadcast (FRENCH) 2011
& DIRECTOR Les Enfants inc.
Festivals: Slamdance Film Festival 2012

CO-WRITER, CO-PRODUCER ‘The Wild Hunt’, 35mm - 95 min (ENGLISH) 2009
& DIRECTOR Animist Films Inc.

Prizes: *Best Canadian First Feature Award –
Toronto International Film Festival, 2009

* Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature –
Slamdance Film Festival 2010

*Canada’s Top Ten 2009
*Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking –
Newport Beach Film Festival
*Best Feature Film –
Icon Tel Aviv Fantasy Film Festival 2010
*Golden Oosikar Award –
Anchorage Film Festival 2010

WRITER, PRODUCER ‘Troll Concerto’, 35mm - 15 min (ENGLISH) 2005
& DIRECTOR Emmerson Denney Films & Mad Monkey Films

Broadcast: CBC, Bravo!, ARTV (2007)
Prizes: Montreal Prends ça court, 2006, Christal Film Prize
Montreal Prends ça court, 2006, ARTV Prize

WRITER, PRODUCER ‘Luv Junket’, 35mm - 5 min¨ (ENGLISH) 2004
& DIRECTOR Soma Productions & Mad Monkey Films

WRITER, DIRECTOR ‘Terminal Venus’, 35mm - 18 min (ENGLISH) 2003
Canadian Film Centre
Prizes: -Best Direction – Best Actress – 2004 Baja Film Festival
-Worldfest Houston, Mai 2004, USA, Platinum Remi Award

WRITER, PRODUCER ‘Fata Morgana’, 35mm - 8 min (ENGLISH) 2002
& DIRECTOR Soma Productions & Mad Monkey Films

Prizes: -Premier prix –Telefilm 2002 Award
Cinémental – Manitoba French Film Festival
-Mention spéciale –Taormina BNL Filmfest, 2002
-Prix CBC du meilleur court-métrage au
ViewFinders International Film Festival, 2003
-Meilleure cinématographie, Fantasia Film Festival, 2003

WRITER, PRODUCER ‘Chimère’, 35mm - 5 min (Silent) 2001
& DIRECTOR Soma Productions

distribution and credits

  • Music Gabriel Scotti
  • Editing Hubert Hayaud, Amélie Labrèche
  • Cinematographer Claudine Sauvé
  • Screenplay Alexandre Franchi, Joëlle Bourjolly
  • Cast Robin L'houmeau, David Roche
  • Artistic Director Valérie-Jeanne Mathieu


  • Maison 4:3

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